Privacy Policy

Last Updated [June 16, 2023].
We are so happy you found your way to our corner of the internet. Thank you for becoming a part of our online community at [The Sateri Group LLC, Pahhni®] (“Company,” “we,” “us,” “our”). As you browse our Website, please know that we respect your privacy and are committed to protecting it through this Privacy Policy (“Policy”).
This policy lays out how we may collect, store, use, and share any information that we gather from you when you access and use our Website [] (“Website”).
Please review this Privacy Policy very carefully. By accessing our website, you are agreeing to this and are expressing that you have been given reasonable access to review this Policy prior to your continued use of our Website. This Agreement is binding as of the date you access our Website.
Privacy Policy Purpose. We want to be open and transparent in communicating how your data and information may be collected. This is the best way to ensure you are informed when browsing our Website or interacting with our Company on other related platforms. This summary will give you a clear understanding of where our privacy policy applies, where it does not apply, and how it is updated over time.
Our policy governs any information we may gather:
  • Through our Website.
  • Through any chat, user submission, and electronic messaging features on the Website.
  • Through email or newsletter opt-ins, text, or other marketing features you interact with on the Website.
Our policy does not govern any data or information we collect that is gathered offline. The Company has no control over data or information gathered by any third-party websites or partners we may link to including affiliates.
Should you not agree to any provision of our Company’s policy you will no longer use, navigate, access or browse our Website. By continuing to use our Website you are agreeing to the practices we lay out in this policy.
Collected Information. As you browse and navigate our Website, some of your personal information will be automatically collected.
We want you to understand what types of personal information we collect and how it is typically collected. We hope this clarity eliminates any confusion around our data collection processes so you can have full confidence in browsing our Website and interacting with our Company.
Information we collect include the following categories and kinds of personal information:
  • Contact information including full name, address, email address and phone numbers;
  • Financial Information including credit and debit card and bank account information;
  • Demographic information including gender, age, employment information;
This information and data is collected when you provide it to us or automatically as you browse our Website. Your information may also be collected from third-parties such as our business partners.
Sources of Information. By engaging with our Website, you have an opportunity to provide us with personal information about you through forms, surveys, etc.
Before you give us information, it is important to pay attention to what information is required and what is optional. By providing us with your information, you agree that it is correct, personal to you (and no one else whose permission has not been given), and complete.
Your information may come from the following sources:
  • Directly from you – for example, when you create an account, sign up for a newsletter, contact our Company, submit correspondence or inquiries to our Company through the Website or purchase a product.
  • From third-parties – for example such as data vaults, data shares, and/or social media sites.
  • Passive data collection processes that use such tools like cookies.
Website users may also post or submit content (“Submissions”) on the Website including, but not limited to reviews, comments, testimonials, and discussions.
We really appreciate when our customers and Website users give us an opportunity to use their posted submissions and information to promote our products, enhance our user’s experience, and reach a new audience. We could not effectively reach and serve new audiences without their public support and brand advocacy!
Automated Collection Processes. We use automated data collection technologies — including but not limited to browser cookies, flash cookies, bots and web beacons — to get a better understanding of your online activity and behavior over time and across third-party websites and applications.
This data is used for research purposes, allowing us to uncover the browsing patterns, behavior habits, expedite search inquiries, and characteristics of our users. We can also monitor trends and identify new strategies for improving our Website. This analytic-based information influences our messaging, marketing, user experience, and more — all so we can deliver more value to our users and customers.
For more information on how you can opt-out of certain tracking and internet based advertising procedures, click here.
We may use any of the following technologies for data collection:
  • Our system automatically issues cookies when you visit our website. A cookie is a small data file that is put on the hard drive of your computer when you visit a website. If you would like to opt-out of tracking cookies you can set your browser to not accept the same. However, if you opt-out of or refuse cookies, certain features of our website may not function properly or be available to you.
Third-Party Tracking Processes. By continuing to browse our Website, you agree to allow cookies and other tracking technologies from third-parties unless your browser refuses them.
These cookies may collect personal information or behavior information. This data is frequently used to provide you with targeted internet advertising.
We have no control over the third-party privacy policies or their data collection, use, and sharing practices. For more information about how you can opt-out of receiving targeted advertising from many providers, click here.
Data Use. If you have ever wondered about how we use your information once it is collected, we want to give you peace of mind by explaining what our process looks like.
No matter if you provide us with your information directly or we automatically collect it, below is how we may use your data:
  • In enhancing your user experience on our Website in a personalized, individualized way whenever possible.
  • In shortening your website search inquiries and providing more relevant results.
  • In completing any purpose for which you specifically give the information.
  • In communication or contact with you directly.
  • In advertising to you and our general audience.
  • In executing any necessary disclosure under the law or required legal process.
  • In any additional way we specified at the time of information disclosure.
Opting Out. We only want to communicate with you if you want to hear from us. The same goes for our use of your data – we will only use, disclose, or otherwise share your data with your permission.
Please review the following options for opting-out of our data collection, use and communication processes:
  • You are generally able to disable or refuse to accept cookies on your browser.
  • If you do not want us to share your data with third-parties, you can unselect that box from any data sharing options when that process is presented to you. You may also email us at [] with the request.
  • If you do not want to receive marketing and advertising emails including other forms of communication from the Company, you can unselect that box from any data sharing options when that process is presented to you. If you have received an email from us with an unsubscribe option, you may also follow the link and unsubscribe from the marketing material through that process.
For more information on opting-out of targeted advertisements, click here.
Nevada Residents Privacy Rights. For Nevada residents who desire to exercise their right to opt-out of the sale of their data, please send the request to [] or by mail to [TSG, P.O. Box 128, West Chester, OH 45071].
California Resident Privacy Rights. If you are a California resident the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) affords consumers more control over how we may collect and use your data. For more information review the CCPA here: .
California residents have the following rights:
  • Right to know information collected;
  • Right to delete information (with exceptions);
  • Right to opt-out of the sale of their data; and,
  • Right to non-discrimination for exercising these rights.
If you are a California resident and have questions about or wish to exercise one of these rights, please send the request to [] or by mail to [TSG, P.O. Box 128, West Chester, OH 45071].
Data Security. We take data security very seriously. However, with fast-evolving technologies, we cannot guarantee the complete safety and security of your data, but we do put safeguards in place and follow the latest data security strategies.
Please bear in mind that your data security is also your responsibility. You are not allowed to share your password or account information with anyone, especially those you do not know.
Any submission or transmission, whether direct or automated, of your personal data to us is done so at your own risk. The Company is not liable to you for any circumvention of our privacy protections or security systems on our Website.
Changes to this Policy. Changes to our Company’s Privacy Policy are necessary as circumstances and the law change over time. When we update our Privacy Policy we will clearly post the Last Updated Date at the top of this page. If any material changes are made and we have your valid email address on file, we will send you an email notifying you of the change.
Your continued use of the Website means you are agreeing that your data and information will be governed by the most recent updated version of our policy.
Contact Us. You have successfully reached the end of our Privacy Policy!
We know there was a lot of information to read through, so we are thankful for your time in reviewing our policies and practices. We hope it answered all of your questions regarding how we collect, use, and disclose your data and information.
If you have any questions, feedback or comments please email us at