Our Story

Pahhni was founded by Dr. Satinder Bharaj and Erik Loomis.
Pahhni is a private startup company located in Hamilton, Ohio, founded in January 2021 by Dr. Satinder S. Bharaj and Erik D. Loomis, both highly experienced professionals who have fortune 50 experience in manufacturing, quality, regulatory and marketing of CPG products.  They have lived in the Greater Cincinnati area for the last 40+ years with their families and are happy to call it home.

How we got started:
We have always talked about starting a business together. The growth and scientific advancements around alkaline water made a high pH bottled water an obvious choice. We would have tea quite often and discuss how “Chai Tea” is really ”Tea Tea”, since Chai means Tea in several languages. Erik then asked Satinder “How do you say “water” in your native language?” and that’s how Pahhni was born.

What makes Pahhni unique from other bottle waters?
In addition to the benefits of drinking alkaline water, Pahhni starts with the Great Tasting Water and makes it a little better. Natural limestone filtration provides a different, and better, process than many competitors in the alkaline water industry which use artificial means such as electrolysis and/or ionization. This natural process is a huge part of the great tasting water.
Pahhni is also committed to giving back and supporting the communities in which we live and work, the families who support the business, and the environment. In addition to the great natural taste, a portion of our profits are donated to OceanConservancey.org on behalf of CH4 Global, two organizations who are dedicated to preserving – and ultimately saving – our planet. Buying our water helps YOU – and helps the planet.
Our Core values set us apart from other bottled water companies.
  • Quality – we will provide the highest quality GMP products at all times. No shortcuts, no exceptions.
  • Integrity – doing the right thing, in all aspects of the business, is our #1 priority.
  • Family/Community First – being a family-owned business, we want to make sure that our employees and surrounding communities are taken care of. We have laid the groundwork to be anything but a traditional company.
  • Environmental Responsibility – in addition to having 100% recyclable bottles and donating money to worthwhile causes, we are always looking out for better solutions for environmentally friendly materials. We only have one planet, let’s take care of it.
What does the future hold for us?
Pahhni has big plans for the future! Our great tasting, high pH alkaline source water, which is the backbone of our unique product line, will expand to include natural flavors and other natural healthy formulations using science-driven advancements to go beyond “great taste and hydration”.  Stay tuned!