Third + Dayton is one of the latest downtown Hamilton buildings getting new life, and three new businesses have opened in recent months.

The former Ohio Casualty Insurance building opened in the spring of 2020, first with 26 apartments (and now 71 apartments), but it also had available room for business space. It’s now home to the Pilates and massage studio TerraLuna, dance fitness studio Studio Undefined, and the alkaline water bottling company Pahhni.

“It was clear early in our search that Hamilton, with its ‘best-tasting water in the world,’ would be an excellent fit,” said Erik Loomis, CEO and co-founder of Pahhni, referencing Hamilton’s world titles in 2010 and 2015, and United States titles in 2009, 2014, and 2018. “We just needed to find the right location.”

That’s where Third + Dayton came in.

Third + Dayton is at 136 N. Third St. and 315 Dayton St. and owned by Industrial Realty Group LLC (IRG) out of Los Angeles. IRG Vice President Justin Lichter said at the company’s core, it’s “renovating and repositioning facilities in need of a new chapter.” It opened in March 2020 with more than two dozen apartments, and plenty of business and retail space for lease.

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